Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lets gets things started

Salam and hi to all...

I woke up late with angels and airwaves in the background. I brushed my teeth and started searching for food. I was starving and theres not much in fridge, there is food is just that i cant be bothered. DO NOT be like me and appreciate with what u had and don't be lazy. Orang selalu cakap, rezeki x de tp sbenarnye diorg mls nk carik. Jgn amik mudah dlm carik rezeki dan jgn kedekut. Cam aku, i dont get picky with food walaupun x de duit. LOL so i just buy anything, food that is. So going back to the main issue, bile kite berusaha dlm mende yg kte nk, it will be worth it.

P/s aku asalnye nk tulis in english satu and bm satu, tp jdk mls sbb pagi ni mmg aku mls

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