Saturday, August 7, 2010

PTPTN x diluluskan

Salam and hi,

i would like to say something about the system that the government uses for PTPTN. I would say it is a poor system as it does not update itself properly, making hard the applicants to get updates with clear and simple notices. I would also like to say that if my application has failed, could u please clarify the real reasons instead of keeping things quiet. It does not help or motivate the students in the course of study. This is stupid as my 1st application was successful and the exact 2nd has failed, this is stupid. Due to this, i certainly will try ask PTPTN for their reasons in making this decision. For me it is still ok, but what about those students with no money and no parents to support them. Come la PTPTN, dont make this harder for all of us. We just want to study and get on with our lives. If the government had not made the quality of living in Malaysia expensive, i wont need PTPTN. Stupid la diorang ni..

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  1. bodonye pt!!
    makcik ari tu kalo aku jumpe lg siap r die..