Monday, August 9, 2010

Siapa tgk leverage?

Salam and hi
everyone will probably the hit tv series called LEVERAGE. For me it is one of my favourite tvpe series as it shows of criminals (maybe ex-criminals) trying to do help people. It is a like a modern day robin hood tale. It is a good show as it teaches that even people with motives of a criminal still have to the conscience of being good. But in what sense? Does prevailing for the greater good worth while? some might say yes because it is for a the good. But i beg to differ, you see in Islam we taught on doing things with niat and actually carrying the deed. In order for something to be labelled as good, both noiat and the deed must be correct in Islamic and civil perspectives.

For example, we want to help poor people but we still from the poor. Some may say that is justice and same may say it is for the better. But Islam contradicts, by showing that even deeds that are bad with a good niat is not good. This is just a basic teaching and im sure that everyone can relate to this easily. I hope that everyone can understand and take this to their hearts. Still enjoy leverage, it s got good plots and really nice action hehehe..

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